Tuesday, 24 October 2017

HPI E-Firestorm Sandrail/Baja Type Buggy part 5

Made a wide front shock tower using the bottom of the original front and top of the rear tower. I'll get a radiator or intercooler for in front of the shock tower.


The body panels are pretty much finished, just decals left to do
I took it for a run with the 1.9's and it was not so good, so back to the 2.2's. 

Added lights front and rear. I think I'll get two big round lights for the front near the hood.

Not sure quite what to do with the rear yet, maybe a scale engine and exhausts?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Friday, 8 September 2017

HPI E-Firestorm Sandrail/Baja Type Buggy part 3

Made a temporary body but I quite like the look. I'll take it for a test run tomorrow and decide what shocks and wheels to get.

Friday, 1 September 2017

HPI E-Firestorm Sandrail/Baja Type Buggy part 2

 I quite like these wheels, but I want to get some short course wheel to try.

Have to mod this shock tower so I can add a hood.

Looks pretty good with short shocks, but I'll try some longer ones too.

Next is to build some bodywork.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

HPI E-Firestorm Sandrail/Baja Type Buggy part 1

Just getting back into RC I picked up a cheap E-Firestorm with a Castle system. It has the wrong motor really, a 7700kv, but it still performs really well, I've raced againg the FTX Carnage and it makes it look like the Carnage going in reverse.

I plan to get a lower kv motor that can take 3s, currently this motor allows for 56,000 rpm on 2s, if I get the 5700kv Castle motor which can take 3s it can give 65,000 rpm plus giving more torque to compensate for the cage, and when I use a 2s lipo it will be less of a handful to drive.

Videos coming soon.

ESC: Castle SW3
Motor: Castle 1406-7700kv
Servo: HPI SF-10W 4.5kg
Wheels: 2.2 Pro-Line Desperado
Tyres: Pro-Line Big Joe II
Front Bumper:T-Bone Racing Nylon Thrasher
Rear shocks: Xtra Speed Aluminium 100mm
Front shocks:  Xtra Speed Aluminium 80mm
 Titanium turnbuckles with Blitz ESE rod ends

Much work and many upgrades to come.

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